1927 First Year of Oscar

Qualifying films released in Los Angeles between the dates of August 1, 1927 through July 31, 1928 were listed by the Academy and sent out to its membership to vote for nominations for awards. Their deadline was August 15, 1928. Then a Board of Judges from each Academy Branch narrowed down achievements from ten to three. Then another Board made the final decision of who would be the winner who would be the Honorable Mentions. The final decision was made February 15, 1929; the awards were presented at a Black Tie Dinner on May 16, 1929. We’ve certainly come a long way from 1927.
Wings won as Outstanding Picture for Paramount Famous Lasky, 7th Heaven(Fox) and The Racket(Caddo Company) were the Honorable Mentions.
Unique and Artistic Pictures were; Chang(Paramount Famous Lasky, and The Crowd(MGM) with the movie Sunrise(Fox) winning the honors. Emil Jannings received the Best Actor award for the Paramount Famous Lasky movies; The Last Command and The Way of All Flesh
Richard Barthelmess was chosen as Honorable Mention for the First National pictures The Noose and The Patent Leather Kid.
Louise Dresser(A Ship Comes In-DeMille Pictures) and Gloria Swanson(Sadie Thompson – Gloria Swanson Productions) took in the Honorable Mentions while Janet Gaynor received Best Actress for her portrayals in the movies; 7th Heaven, Street Angel, and Sunrise all Fox movies.
Warner Brothers received a special award for pioneering the production of a talking movie; The Jazz Singer. Charlie Chaplin received a special award for; Acting, Writing, Directing and Producing the movie – The Circus

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