Caesar and Cleopatra








Historically speaking, I guess I am one of the few people that do like George Bernard Shaw’s version of these two ancient history Icons. Played by two of classic Hollywood’s acting icons, British born Claude Rains and Vivien Leigh.
Leonard Maltin is not happy with this British made film version but again I have to disagree with him. Watching this version made me want to learn more about the real life characters, Caesar born in 100bc and Cleopatra born in 69 bc, when they met in 49bc Cleo was 20 years old. That is where the story begins. Was the movie historically accurate, who knows but it is in color and was nominated for Art direction-Interior Decoration for 1945. A bonus to the film is having Stewart Granger as Apollodorus I’m thinking that kudos should have also gone out to the Costume Designer for this film.

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