Caught in the Draft

overman-bracken-lamour-hope-caught-draftAnother Bob Hope classic, Caught in the Draft includes Eddie Bracken and Dorothy Lamour.

Bob Hope plays Don Bolton, movie star, reluctant to enter the Draft-as required of all those men 18-32. Just 32, he concocts a plan to woo Tony( Dorothy Lamour) and get married, thus releasing him from having to join the army. But when he finds out the draft will only include men up to the age of 31, he reneges on his proposal and she gets wise. Unfortunately a quick turnover in legislation raises the age to 35 and all his efforts are worthless. In classic comedic fashion Don and friends take on a series of mishaps trying to prove to Tony that he’s worthy, while trying not to get killed.

Another gem in the Bob Hope lineup this film most struck me as yet another example that Bob, while wise cracking and jovial, seems to quickly win over every actress he worked with. Here with Dorothy the chemistry is great, and you don’t even try to understand why that the most beautiful woman on the planet is interested in a guy like Bob. Seriously folks, it doesn’t even feel like they’re acting. Great stuff.


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