The Cat and the Canary

This is what I like about The Cat and the Canary.

-A creepy old mansion on the Bayou, with hidden paths and passages
-A 10 year delay in the reading of a WILL
-A hidden necklace that was presumed stolen
-Spirits that warn you of imminent danger
-Paulette Goddard playing the wide eyed heroine, and Bob Hope as the clumsy guy who tries to be brave.
-That a well placed rubber eraser solves the crime

This movie felt scary enough to watch in October with all the other haunted films, but lighthearted enough that I may actually want to watch it again to see if I missed any of the clues the first time.

With psychic gongs that tell the inhabitants of the old mansion how many people will still be alive by morning, it amazes me that any of those involved were brave enough to attempt sleeping- but yet they all keep attempting throughout the film. Luckily the feistiness inherent of Paulette Goddard( and most of her characters) keeps her and her distant relative Wally( Bob Hope) determined to figure out who is trying to kill her( to get the money of course), what happened to that stolen necklace, and if they can outsmart that escaped lunatic from the nearby asylum known as the “The Cat”.

The chemistry between Bob and Paulette here is great. Funny lines, a good plot, and excellent direction all make this an absolute favorite for me.









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