Pride of the Marines

Two of my favorite Warner Brothers actors John Garfield and Eleanor Parker portray real life characters in Pride of the Marines the story of Al Schmid a Marine machine gunner during a battle at the Tenaru River on Guadalcanal August 21, 1942. Dane Clark another favorite portrays LeRoy Diamond, Al’s fellow gunner they both receive the Navy Cross for their actions during this battle.
This movie is more than an action film though; it is also the story of the romance between Al and his girlfriend Ruth. And the adversities they overcome from Al’s steadfastness and tenacity under extreme duress during wartime. It is also a buddy film, because when you are a marine you always look out for your buddy, oo-rah and Semper Fidelis to all of you Marines on this Veterans Day celebrating your 239th year November 10, 1775.

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