The Archaeology of Hollywood

The Archaeology of Hollywood is a perfect book to read on All Souls Day. The book is a spot-on example of introducing a child to the wonders of the historical Architecture of London and Paris. Then introducing that child in remembering those who have passed not only family members, but historical figures as well, visiting cemeteries is a visual way of recollecting, reminiscing, and reflecting on our past.

Paul G. Bahn a freelance archeologist and author has written a compelling and interesting book which remembers our Classic Hollywood roots. Where the Studio bosses, the stars, the character actors worked, lived, played and where their final resting places are located. I was impressed reading a sentence where the author referred to Roscoe Arbuckle as ‘Roscoe’ and not fatty. After doing my own cursory research I only wish I knew what has happened to Cousin Al (Roscoe’s acrobatic nephew) St. John’s ashes. Where they are or who is in possession of them. I worry that his ashes weren’t properly distributed or interred.

This book is a fascinating read for all of us Classichollywood followers who were bitten by the archeology and cemetery bug as a child and have carried that love over into adulthood. My Uncle Jack once told me I am more concerned with dead people than I am for the living…perhaps that is true on some level but someone has to remember our past whether it is for passed relatives or even if it is for Silent or Classic Hollywood.

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