TCM Classic Cruise

(Heavy Sigh)Well it took some time for Rochellelynn and I to get over our depression of missing some of our favorite movies shown at iconic Hollywood theatres during the TCM Classic Film Festival 2014 back in April. I’m afraid it’s going to take a bit more time getting over the melancholia settling in over missing the TCM Classic Cruise from October 21 thru the 26th 2014.
Rochellelynn Missed:
Day 1 Singles Mixer and After the Thin Man
Day 2 Meeting Ben Mankowitz
Day 3 Bingo with Ben Mankowitz
Day 4 Key West- and the screening of Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid w/Ann Blyth (maybe she would have given us some insight on the wonderfulness of William Powell)
Day 5 Repeat Bingo with Ben and then back again for the Meet Ben option
Me I Missed:
Day 1 Robert Osborne’s 20th Anniversary
Day 2 Conversation w/Tab Hunter
Day 3 Watching Mildred Pierce w/Ann Blyth and Rory Flynn’s remembrances of her father Errol Flynn
Day 4 Key West the African Queen Boat on Exhibit and the wild and crazy sunset celebration.
Day 5 I would have liked to try my hand at Trivia: So You Think You Know Horror Movies then start off Halloween week with the showing of Poltergeist with James Karen.
Instead I am lamenting the fact that I missed Networking and five sunrises aboard the cruise ship Magic. There is nothing better than the sunrises and early morning strolls on deck maybe even bumping into the likes of: Illeana Douglas, Richard Dreyfuss, Diane Baker, Shirley Jones or maybe even Robert Osborne. I suppose we will just have to wait and see what 2015 brings…


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