Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof, a powerful yet beautiful film, Israeli actor Topol (35 at the time) is brilliant as Tevye the father of five daughters that lived in a small simple village in Russia during turbulent times at the turn of the last century.

From the opening strains of music in this film we slowly grow to love the characters, and it is difficult at the end of the film to see them being forced to make a Distant Journey. What will happen to them? What will become of them? Will they ever see each other again? One hundred years later people no matter what ethnicity are still being forced to make distant journeys, evidently history has not taught us anything…can’t we all just learn to get along?

This film was nominated in seven categories: Topol, Best Actor; Leonard Frey, Best Supporting Actor; Norman Jewison, Director; and Set Direction. The movie received the Oscar in three categories: Sound, Cinematography, and John Williams received the Oscar for Adaption and Original song score. The lyricists Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Boch are responsible for the song lyrics that move the storyline ahead and once started we just can’t get the words and music out of our heads: Tradition, Matchmaker, If I were a Rich Man, Sabbath Prayer, To Life, Miracle of Miracles, Tevye’s Dream, Sunrise Sunset, Do You Love Me, Far From the Home I love; Little Bird, Little Chavela; Anatevka.

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