Distant Journey

Distant Journey what better movie to post about during banned book week than a 1949 forty years banned movie about the holocaust by the half Jewish Czechoslovakian filmmaker Alfréd Radok. This film was personal for him. I watched the film before reading the booklet enclosed with the DVD that explained about the making of this movie. I wanted to make up my own mind as to why it was banned. I’m still not sure why. The film seemed to tell it like it was. Although sometimes that is what censorship is all about, some people are afraid to look truth in the eye.

This movie begins with the edict all Jewish Doctors could not practice medicine anymore. Blanka Waleská as Dr. Hana Kaufmanovová is the main character in the film and is subject to this edict. Then movie theatre’s are off limits to the Jewish, then begins the transporting of Jews from their homes to a ghetto holding place Terezín, before the Transportation to the final destination…the Camps.

The acting is good in the film and although it is foreign and I had to read subtitles I got it. It is films like this that remind us of the atrocities subjected to human beings; men women children by their fellow human beings in places with names like: Majdanek, Treblinka, and Auschwitz, Lódź Gross-Rossen Poland; Ravensbrück Oranienburg, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, Germany; Theresienstadt Czechoslovakia, and Mauthausen, Austria ; films like Distant Journey, or Judgment at Nuremberg need to be seen at least once lest we forget and history repeats itself.

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