Too many husbands and wives

What is it about wartime that makes people go all loopy? With so many husbands away at war, how many a wife must have dreamed of having her own husband back, or better yet, two husbands! I found it funny that so many a storyline sometimes takes the turn to multiple spouses.
Watching the musical Three for the Show, I remembered another movie of a different name, but with the same storyline, Too Many Husbands. Found in the Icons of Screwball Comedy Vol. 1, Too Many Husbands follows a beguiled Jean Arthur faced with a big decision. Assuming her first husband died in the war, she remarries his best friend. Enter long lost first husband. Fred MacMurray plays the delicious first husband fresh from a stranded island. But what what should Jean do? Two husbands? A battle of brawn, brain and trickery commences. And the thing is, at the end of this film, she doesn’t actually choose!

Add Jack Lemmon, 1 cup of music and stir!
Three for the Show follows Betty Grable as she decides what to do when the love of her life Jack Lemmon returns from the war, alive! Supposed dead by the war office, Betty has gone and married her husband’s best friend. Luckily, in this one a choice is made. And I must say, Jack Lemmon plays the jolted first husband beautifully and really puts that Harvard education to good use. His facial expressions can carry this entire film, though you may get distracted by his voice, during those few moments when he actually lets it out. “I’ve got a crush on you” is to die for.

What’s more is we can swip swap genders and tie it to My favorite wife with Cary Grant which also boasts a remake, Move Over Darling. Darling was supposed to be made with Marilyn Monroe before her death, a role that was quickly filled by America’s other sweetheart Doris Day. The husband, James Garner, supposing his wife to be lost at sea is hitched to a new woman just in time for his long lost wife, Doris Day, to arrive.
AnnStJ and I were attempting to figure out if this storyline has been redone or morphed in other films. Its of course a believeable storyline during wartime, but would this storyline work with any other setting or backdrop?

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