The Story of Ruth

Ruth survived being sold as a child by her destitute father for immolation at the hands of the Moab High Priest on the altar of the stone God Chemosh. As an adult she met a Judean artificer Mahlon (Tom Tryon) who was pretty handy at making gold crowns and teaching her the loving ways of his God. After all his God had only 10 rules to follow how difficult could that be. This is what I call a two part movie, part one Ruth’s finding and falling in love with husband number one Mahlon only to have him die on their wedding day while helping him escape from a life sentence in a rock quarry.


Part two Ruth escapes back over the Jordan to Bethlehem with Mahlon’s mother Naomi, because whither her mother-in-law goest so does Ruth. The best part about the second half of the movie is Ruth meeting Boaz (Stuart Whitman). Boaz and Naomi teach her a little bit about the laws of the Judeans that Mahlon had forgotten to mention to her. But like I always say I love a movie with a happy ending.

Elana Eden who played Ruth was born in Bat Yam, Israel, May 1st 1940. You can catch a glimpse of John Banner (Schultz from Hogan’s Hero’s) as the King of Moab. John was born January 28, 1910 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary. He was also Jewish and a victim of having to give up his homeland in 1938 because of the persecution of Jews at that time.
Franz Waxman the music composer for The Story of Ruth was born December 24, 1906 in Chorzów, Poland. Because of the persecution of Jews in 1932 Franz who was also Jewish fled Berlin, Germany where he composed music for German films.

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