Scraps of Paper

‘Scraps of Paper’ is a rare fund raising short that was made in 1918 to sell Victory Bonds for the winning of the war. It was made by the number one box office draw Roscoe Arbuckle and the Famous Players-Lasky Corp. In the short Roscoe explains to Kaiser Willie and his acrobatic son Al St. John (the Clown Quince) how the whole world is now against them and it was.
It is now 2014 one hundred years after the beginning of the war to end all wars and it is unbelievable that there are still goofball leaders that condone and won’t put a stop to the destructive behavior of ‘Bored Bully Boys’ playing at war. Cowardly men that hide behind masks, they kill innocent men, women and children to further their intimidating agenda. Then they make excuses comparable to the U-boat commanders of 100 years ago that trolled the seas sinking passenger ships, the most infamous the Lusitania.
The world is not at war now but it is in terrible turmoil, history has definitely not taught us anything. I kind of wish Al and Roscoe were here making silent shorts like Scraps of Paper that would put the simplistic truth about the worlds revulsion at the repulsive acts that people do to one another for their own little schemes of world domination. Classic Hollywood did more of this during WWII but during WWI Silent Hollywood certainly led the way.

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