100th Anniversary of WWI

king kaiser tsar[1]











TCM will be remembering, as we all should, the 100th Anniversary of the war to end all wars, WWI on Friday nights in July. It was a war to end all wars because of the weapons of war unleashed that hadn’t been used before on such a large scale. Machine guns, airplanes, blimps and worst of the worse the use of mustard gas…
If you are up for an interesting read about the background of this war that explains a lot of familial details that won’t totally put you to sleep read the book King, Kaiser, Tsar -Three Royal Cousins who led the world to war by Catrine Clay. Then sit back and watch the Friday night lineups. Some are silent movies that were made right after the war about the futility of war, others have to do with the: above and beyond bravery type film, the loss of propriety during war film, or the do as I say because I said it even though lives will be lost unnecessarily mentality type of film based on true accounts from the war front.
War is Hell someday we will learn from history in real life but for now we can sit back and watch the likes of: John Gilbert, Douglass Montgomery, Robert Taylor, Lew Ayres, Gary Cooper and Peter O’Toole give us the low down on how bad that first World War really was.

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