Rock Hudson’s Two Wives


Rocks Hudson was given the gift of the perfect wife: Doris Day, and the other perfect wife Elizabeth Taylor. As different as day and night, they both ended up being exactly who he needed.

Doris helped him keep the perfect man image on screen for all the world to see, while Elizabeth off-screen allowed him to be vulnerable. We all saw how Doris lashed out a little at the truth that Rock was gay and never shared that with her, while Elizabeth took it and saw it as her calling.

Writer of Rock and Doris and Elizabeth, Tracy-Ann Oberman, says it best.

“His Aids revelation gave Taylor her future meaning in life, and marked the birth of the Aids movement. And perhaps also the death of Hollywood. If Rock Hudson – that virile, red-blooded all-male pinup – could have Aids, then nothing on screen could ever be the same again. Never again would an audience unquestioningly accept the fanzines and the images that studio publicists fought tooth and nail to construct. It was all fantasy. Nothing more and nothing less”

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