Rock Hudson: Great Actor


Rock Hudson spent his life acting. He was nominated for two academy awards. Succeeded playing the comic in the Doris Day films, the typical noncommittal heartbreaker in Come September, and complicated male leads in Giant, Seconds, and Obsession. Still, when I google Rock Hudson, all I find is AIDS. Sad, but very true.

For that reason alone, I have made sure to title this post Rock Hudson: Great Actor, so when people google him, they see that first. Because his ambitions and passions and what he dedicated his life to doing had nothing to do with AIDS, or sexual preference. It just didn’t.

More than anything he wanted to be a great actor. He longed for more complex roles like Giant, and scripts like he found in his favorite flick- Seconds. He wanted to grow, and be respected, and appreciated for his work.

In Rock Hudson: His Story Sara Davidson does a lovely job of telling all about his life, with his permission, not just the rocky parts at the end of it.

Check him out as the honored TCM actor of the month!



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