How to be a PIRATE


The lessons we learn from Classic Hollywood are always valuable. And TCM’s Pirate Fridays are no exception.

1. Your Reputation Always Precedes You: whether its true or not. Double Crossbones thrusts Donald O’Connor in a revered “false” reputation, much like the Dread Pirate Roberts in The Princess Bride. The good part? You don’t even have to be bad to get noticed!

2. Drunkenness is Endearing: While most people sign themselves up for the nearest AA meeting Pirates have no such reservations that drinking is bad, and ruining their lives. In fact, it helps their lives. Stupidity runs rampant, and people think you’re drunk. You lose your ship and that’s ok, you were drunk. Slurring becomes an absolutely acceptable flourish to any conversation, and stumbling- well it just adds to how charming you are. Whether you’re Captain Jack Sparrow or Blackbeard, you know a good thing when you see it, and it’s usually Rum.

3. Pirates always get the girl: Whether you’re getting rescued by the girl in Captain Blood or kidnapping one in The Black Swan, you’re certain to always find true love. Frenchman’s Creek reminds us that there’s so much love going around, that you hardly remember you’re  a pirate at all, and that’s ok- because you got the girl.

4. Shady Politicians are always on your side: There’s always someone who needs to make sure the ship sinks, or the cargo disappears, or the daughter of the governor gets kidnapped. Who better to help you out with these dastardly deeds than the politicians that can rack in the tax dollars. Watch Reap the Wild Wind for an inside glimpse at corruption gone bad.



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