Same Story, Same Year, Different Studio

1950 Panic in the Streets ~ Twentieth Century Fox, The Killer That Stalked New York ~ Columbia Pictures
Panic in the Streets deals with the pneumonic plaque being smuggled onto the New Orleans docks by someone entering the country illegally. We have to keep things hush hush so we won’t panic the public while Richard Widmark back tracks and tries to inoculate everyone that came in contact with the highly contagious dead smuggler, number one person they need to find is the smugglers killer, Jack Palance.
The Killer That Stalked New York, in this movie one would assume the killer was male the title sounds so ominous. However in this movie Evelyn Keyes is the diamond smuggler newly arrived from Cuba. She is treated for flu-like symptoms at a local health center and released. Oops it was really just a mild case of deadly smallpox. In this movie the authorities want to inoculate everyone and their brother, people have already started dying starting with little Walda played by Beverly Washburn.  Time is running out the audience is hoping that Evelyn has the final revenge on her husband before she finally succumbs to the ravages of the disease.


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