TCM Film Festival 2014 DAY THREE


A Hard Day’s Night at 6:30pm. While there were so many great films to pick for today, the experience of A Hard Days Night seemed interesting for the mere fact that it may be in a theater without screaming teenagers- which is how annstj described her theater-going experience when it first graced our shores.

Annstj: The third day of the festival (if we were there) would have been a Hard Day’s Day trying to figure out what movie venue’s to attend. After scouring over and obsessing about the schedule I imagine we would have decided to make it an ‘El Capitan’ theatre Day. After watching Saving Mr. Banks earlier this year the first choice would have been Mary Poppins, discussion with Richard Sherman the other half of the Sherman brothers, the composers featured in ‘Saving Mr. Banks’. I imagine he has tales to tell of his experiences writing music for that award winning film (don’t tell Rochellelynn but I haven’t really watched all of Mary Poppins so it would have been a real treat for me to see it on the big screen). How Green Was My Valley plays next with Maureen O’Hara in attendance nothing would have been better than listening to and seeing her in person. Then of course back over to the IMAX to see the lads. As a teenager I wasn’t much of a screamer for the Beatles I was more of a weeper, the silent tears running down the cheeks type. I’m sure if I saw it again on the big screen nothing would be different except for the screaming, it would only be on the screen and not in the audience. Other choices of movies we would have missed: Father of the Bride, Stella Dallas, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Written on the Wind, Hat Check Girl, The Women discussion with Anna Kendrick, Bell Book and Candle discussion with Kim Novak and The Nutty Professor discussion with Jerry Lewis.


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