TCM Film Festival 2014 DAY TWO

optimized-asta-powell-loy-thin-man[1]BIG SCREEN PICK OF THE DAY APRIL 11th

Our TCM Film Festival Day Two pick is The Thin Man at 9am at the Egyptian Theatre. This is a film that we’ve seen oh so many times but couldn’t pass up the chance to see it on the Big Screen. We would of course watch the whole series and never leave the theater, but alas- TCM did not set it up that way.


After The Thin Man we might have moseyed on back to the TCL Chinese IMAX for the 12:00pm showing of the 1958 Touch of Evil.


Orson Welles was given a B-movie project, based on a pulp novel, with no expectations, and eight weeks to prepare. The miniscule budget allowed that outdoor scenes be filmed only during daylight, for lack of actual lighting or sets. Welles former glory as a Hollywood genius had been quickly overshadowed by his extravagance and unruliness, and he looked to friends to act in Touch of Evil. Thankfully, Marlene Dietrich, and Joseph Cotton pitched in as a favor alongside main actors Charlton Heston and Janet Leigh. Citizen Kane-like low-angle shots, raw off-screen audio interference, and the use of a crane and dolly to propel the camera where it was needed would be used again and again by the likes of Scorsese, Spielberg, De Palma and Hitchcock. Psycho, in fact borrowed heavily from Touch of Evil, even using a few of Welles production assistants for the thriller.  Pretty good for a film that only took 42 days to complete and came in under budget.

Annstj: I’m thinking that after Touch of Evil Rochellelynn and I would have returned to the Hotel Roosevelt for the rest of the afternoon to listen to scheduled conversations with: William Friedkin and Eddie Muller then Quincy Jones and Leonard Maltin at 6:00. Day two evening is a Friday night and ya know what that means? It means Trouble with a capital T, that rhymes with P and that stands for Pool.


So I know where I would be at 8:00pm…in the hotel room fast asleep.  And Ro · chelle · lynn the Li · brar · ian would be at the Pool with a capital P at Club TCM watching that troublesome (with a capital T) pair Shirley Jones and Robert Preston in The Music Man.

Why do I keep thinking ‘My Little Pony’?




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