TCM Film Festival 2014 DAY ONE


BIG SCREEN PICK OF THE DAY! April 10th, 2014.

If we were at the Film Festival our Big Screen choice would be Oklahoma at the renovated TCL Chinese IMAX Theatre and the discussion with Shirley Jones at 6:30pm. Rochellelynn and I both agree about watching Oklahoma on the big screen however I would be a little nervous about what Shirley would share during her Discussion before the movie. She gave a little TMI in her book: Shirley Jones a Memoir about her sex life. I would be hoping that all of the questions directed at Shirley would be about the technicalities of filming such a huge production as Oklahoma.

Check out our other favorites showing at the same time of Day One. Which one would you have chosen over Oklahoma at the TCL Chinese IMAX? Fifth Avenue Girl with Ginger Rogers and Tim Holt at the 7:00pm, or Cheaper by the Dozen with Clifton Webb and Myrna Loy at the 7:15pm showing at the Chinese Multiplex. Then when you finished watching Oklahoma and listening to the wind come sweeping off the plains which movie would you attend at 9:30pm Bachelor Mother with Ginger and David Niven or the 9:45pm showing of The Heiress with Montgomery Clift and Olivia; all screening at the Chinese Mulitplex? I would still be trying to make up my mind.


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