TCM Film Festival


Natalie Pie
Another year another missed TCM Film Festival, Rochellelynn and I are taking the month of April to lament that fact and what better day to challenge ourselves towards making that goal happen for next year but April Fool’s Day. Today’s theme on TCM is Slapstick Comedies. And what better choice to watch on TCM but the 1965 movie: The Great Race
The Great Race has the chase aspect, the handsome good guy dressed all in white aspect, the Snidely Whiplash aspect, the wonderful gowns by Edith Head for Natalie Wood aspect and the absolutely imperative ‘pie in the face’ aspect. The movie was nominated by the Academy in five categories unfortunately it came away empty handed. There really was a Great Race in 1908 from New York to Paris that race was 22,000 miles and lasted 169 days. I’m guessing it will be over 365 days and many posts for us to reach our goal. Was that a shot from a starter pistol I just heard? O.K. we’re off…


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