Hollywood Good Girl Mabel Normand


I think on Uncle Roscoe’s Birthday he would want us to remember his co-star in many films Mabel Normand as a Hollywood Good Girl. Sweet, funny and great at physical comedy Mabel Normand was a Silent Film A-Lister and a triple threat ~ Writer, Director, and Actress. She was engaged for many years to Mack Sennett who still grieved in his old age that she was the only woman he ever loved. It was those ‘for medicinal purposes only drugs’ that did her in in the end and having her name innocently linked with one of Hollywood’s most infamous unsolved mysteries ‘Who killed William Desmond Taylor’.  Mabel passed away at the early age of 37 falling victim to a now almost wiped off the face of the earth disease Tuberculosis. This Hollywood Good Girl may be gone but her work lives on in the Internet Archives, YouTube and DVD’s.


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