Hollywood Good Girl Doris Day

You just don’t get more good girl than Doris Day. She looked sweet, acted sweet, and was sweet in real life.

Always playing the loving single girl, wife, and friend, no one played it better. As the fresh faced mermaid in Glass Bottomed Boat, she fails miserably at pretending to be a Russian spy. In Pillow Talk she cries forever when she finds out her Texan is her phone hogging ladykiller. Even in Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much she succeeds in singing her little boy to a safe and happy ending.

Cary Grant complained of the unbelievable plot in That Touch of Mink, making Doris Day out to be a virgin at her age- and yet, we all believed it- kinda.

In real life she was saddened when Rock Hudson didn’t tell her about his homosexuality- genuinely hurt. She had her own TV show and sang Christmas songs. She was from Ohio, and had planned on being a ballerina when she grew up. She didn’t like swear words and had a swear jar.

And her friends loved her. Oscar Levant even joked saying, “I’ve been around so long, I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin”.

See- Good Girl all the way.

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