Julie Andrews Best Actress 1964

Sidney Poitier Best Actor 1963 presenting Julie Andrews Best Actress 1964.
Sometimes the Academy actually honors the stuff you like.
Upon discovering that The Continental (from the film The Gay Divorcee) won for best music, I began to realize how “right” the Academy actually got the awards for those early films. Seeing Norma Shearer’s out-of-the-box acting, she was nominated for both The Divorcee and Their Own Desire in the same year, because why should you be boxed in to only act brilliantly in one film a year?
And nothing was more satisfactory than to have Gone with the Wind claiming 13 nominations and 8 wins in 1939 a nomination in every major category except Best Supporting Actor and that went to Thomas Mitchell who gave an exceptional performance as Gerald O’Hara but his nomination and win was for Stagecoach. And what of those years like 1939 when so many exemplary films were made? Why, the Academy did what they could, as they did in 1964 honoring My Fair Lady with 12 nominations, 8 Oscars including Best Actor Rex Harrison and Mary Poppins with 12 nominations, 5 wins including Best Actress for Julie Andrews.

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