Audrey Hepburn Best Actress 1953

Gary Cooper Best Actor 1952 reading nominations for Best Actress 1953.

Sometimes the academy gets it right. We fell in love with Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. Audrey’s competition (oops fellow nominees) were two other fairly new actresses, Leslie Caron in Lili and Maggie McNamara for The Moon is Blue and two veteran actresses Ava Gardner for Magambo and Deborah Kerr in: From Here to Eternity. Back in the day the Oscars were televised on dual coasts. Donald O’Connor was the Master of Ceremonies for the west coast; Fredric March was MC on the East Coast.
No wonder Audrey looks a little flummoxed in this clip. She was appearing in the Broadway play Ondine at the time and had just arrived with a police escort from her performance after the final curtain, shortly before her name is read.
Jean Hersholt from whom the Jean Hersholt Humanatarian Award is named after presents Audrey with her Oscar.

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  1. V.E.G. says:

    Wow! Out of excitement, Audrey Hepburn,an English woman kissed Jean Hersholt, a Dane, on the lips! Wow! it reminds me of Rosemary Simpson, a British-American kissing her husband, a Dane, Mogens Sigurd Alfred “Michael” Bojesen” on the lips!

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