Party Husband


Party Husband 1931 (First National)

The best part of Party Husband, which I feared may just be another one of these movies with a message, is when the husband emerges from a dark kitchen wearing non-removable lip rouge, and is caught by his wife.  Mind you, she brought someone home too, but didn’t know he was hiding a girl in the dark kitchen. They do have a modern marriage after all! Something you see everyone attempting in the 30’s but no one accomplishing. The legs in this film come in the form of the socialites trying to seduce both halves of this married couple.  Fake phone calls, and fake jobs luring the moths to the flame are nothing compared to the woman willing to fight for the man she loves- even when he’s not her husband. Laura, the wife, soon finds her modern marriage getting more modern when she discovers her biggest competition isn’t the local floozy, but her best friend since childhood, Kate.  There’s a little more depth to this film than originally supposed as both the husband and wife realize what they’re doing, but neither really willing to fight for it. Thankfully, the mother comes to visit and slaps them all upside the head, and tells it like it is.


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  1. kymlucas says:

    The mother sounds like my kind of woman!

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