Three Wise Girls

Three Wise Girls 1932 (Columbia Pictures)

“Oh, go away, I hate blondes.”

“Well I hate drunks, so that makes us even.”

Frustrated that she can’t get anywhere in her own little town, Cassie( Jean Harlow) goes to New York to make her own way as a model. While staying with her friend Dot, she learns from her well-to-do-friend Gladys that love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when you’re in love with a married banker. Of course that whole situation gets a whole lot fuzzier when Cassie catches the eye of the Gladys’ banker. Marie Prevost ( Dot) adds all the fun, wisecracks and perspective while Mae Clarke( Gladys) adds the dose of unpleasant reality. What’s more is that Cassie actually meets her knight in shining armor right at the beginning as she’s feeding him alka seltzer, and quitting her job as a soda jerk in NY, but she’s so clueless she has no idea that he’s actually the white knight!  Of course it seems all the good men are already married, wanting divorces, and being unable to get them. Shame. Luckily one pulls through for our dear Jean Harlow…. we knew he would didn’t we?



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