Dames (1934 Warner Brothers): Joan Blondell, Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell

James( Powell) is trying to get money from the rich Uncle Ezra for his new broadway  show, but Uncle Ezra wants nothing to do with that one branch of his family tree who is not an upstanding moral citizen. In fact, upon swearing that he will never let James in his house, Horace is gifted 10 million dollars from Uncle Ezra. And while the Hemingway family may be upstanding, it sure doesn’t look that way when Joan Blondell ends up in Horace’s railcar suite, in bed.  A little bit of blackmail and the whole things fixed, but if Ezra finds out, the 10 million is off.  Ruby Keeler’s face gets plastered all over the place in I Only Have Eyes for You, and Joan Blondell dances with the laundry.  All while Mathilda, Ezra and Horace are drowning in a Golden Elixir that’s supposed to cure their hiccups, so much for the moral code at 79% alcohol.

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