Girl Missing


Girl Missing(1933 Warner Brothers): Lyle Talbot and Glenda Farrell

“I brought you to Palm Beach, I had no intention of being a gentleman.”

Gold digger Daisy gets a headache when she realizes her playboy husband only married her to satisfy the stipulations of his father’s will, and subsequently goes missing. But when the cops arrive they find not only a missing Daisy but also a dead man in the garden. Could it all link back to the gigolo Raymond Fox? Daisy, after all, was a chorus girl in Manhattan before acting the lady in Miami Beach.  Enter two sassy sleuths who knew all about Daisy, have a hunch about Raymond and really need that 25k reward since their sugar daddy skipped town and left them with a hotel bill.

A very fun mysterious romp in Forbidden Hollywood, with sexual advances, lies, rackets, and fake accidents. Make sure to see this one.

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