The Crash


The Crash(1932 First National): George Brent and Ruth Chatterton

Real Life husband and wife( Brent and Chatterton) were paired in so many great films together, but The Crash while chronicling the newlywed pair through the up and down of the market leaves something to be desired. George Brent is hard to believe as the helpless husband trying to get back on his feet after the crash, and while Ruth Chatterton plays the wife finding sanctuary in Bermuda fairly well, her sheep farmer suitor from Australia is somewhat miscast.

The Crash highlights the interesting fact that most young men on Wall St. often allowed their wives to get close to the older wealthier gurus in the market so that they could get ahead. Ruth Chatterton plays the wife made to exchange favors for important information just before the market turns. It’s her decision to stop exchanging and lie to her husband that causes everything to come crashing around them.


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