Naughty Flirt


Naughty Flirt(1931 First National): Alice White and Myrna Loy.

Kewpie Doll cutie Alice White plays Katherine or K as her friends call her. The spoiled little rich girl of a wealthy lawyer she has managed to get herself expelled from every proper school there is. She likes games, tricks, and using what she can to get what she wants, so when her father’s young protégé Alec Ward turns a cold shoulder after one of her mean stunts, she does everything she can to prove to him that she’s decent.  She takes up as a secretary in her father’s office, refuses to go on all her previous joyrides with friends, and stages a marriage just to catch his eye.

Alice White plays an exquisite rich girl gone bad in a wry innocent sort of way. If you haven’t seen her in too many films yet, make sure to catch her in this one- she does an excellent job of playing both the good and bad girl in Naughty Flirt.


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