Happy Birthday Walt Disney!


Born December 5, 1901

After leaving his failed animation company in Kentucky, Walt Disney made his way to California, determined to start again. Like all people Walt had his share of tries before he finally succeeded. Much like Thomas Edison, he went through some near misses before finally landing Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willie. Of them we’d find Oswald-the long-eared mischievous bunny, a series of live action and animated Alice in Wonderland shorts (which were actually quite successful). Incidentally animators often had a few tried before finding something that worked. Another good example of this is Jim Davis who had played around with the idea of casting a few comical fleas as his main characters, before he finally landed on Garfield.

So in honor of the fact that we all sometimes glimpse triumph through the fog of failure, we are so grateful to Walt Disney for not giving up, and for knowing he had something to offer the world, even if he didn’t know what it was.


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