Frances Dee


November 26, 1909 ~ March 6, 2004                        Frances Dee

Army Brat Frances Dee, had her breakout role in Playboy of Paris (1930) opposite Maurice Chevalier, but her role in The Silver Cord  would lead her to future husband Joel McCrea, to whom she was married for 57years, until his death in 1990. Dee made a name for herself playing the supporting roles to actresses like Katherine Hepburn, and Bette Davis, but most recently was probably known for her role in Blood Money which was remade in the 90’s. Her biographer, Andrew Wentnik, said that, “When a friend recently admonished her for playing a prostitute in Blood Money (1933), she denied it saying, ‘I played a masochistic nymphomaniacal kleptomaniac, not a prostitute.'” Such was the wit of Frances Dee. Considered the most beautiful woman in motion pictures Dee oddly lost her a role as Melanie in Gone with the Wind because Selznick feared she’d overshadow Vivien Leigh. Of course, Dee would soon be done with the drama of Hollywood when she “Retired” from film in the fifties to take care of her three sons, and their almost 400 acre ranch. Thanks for sharing those early years with us!

Happy Birthday Frances.



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