Carole Lombard, Clark Gable and the Plane Crash


October 6, 1908 ~ January 16, 1942               Carole Lombard

Carole chooses to take a plane home from a war bond tour, ignoring a prophecy feared by her mother, an experienced numerologist, and the warnings of her publicist. Letting jealousy get the best of her, Carole puts her life in the hands of fate, hoping to get home before her husband Clark Gable gets too cozy with Lana Turner as they consider a re-pairing in  the film Somewhere I’ll Find You. Carole, her mother, and 20 other people died on the plane that day heading back towards California.

Dying much to young in 1942, we honor her birthday today, with her best films. My Man Godfrey plays her crazy girl opposite her ex-husband William Powell’s straight laced hobo turned butler turned entrepreneur. Godfrey tackles much in the way of the class divide, the depression, and the homeless situation in our country. In Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Carole plays the wife, loving her married life, until her and hubby, Robert Montgomery learn they aren’t “really” married. Uh, oh. In classic slapstick comedy form, the two begin to find their ways apart and then back together.

Most notable about Carole, besides her glamorous beauty, was that she glowed joy and fun, and spirit… sometimes too much of it. William Powell’s biggest complaint was that she was always “on” , but then it’s difficult to put those Hollywood lights out.  Thank God! Happy Birthday Carole.

And for any of you inclined towards astrology, I happened upon Carole’s Natal Birth Chart where the vocations of mime and assassin could have also been winners for our dear Carole. Enjoy!