And God Created Woman


September 28, 1934

Brigitte Bardot first stormed American shores in Act of Love with Kirk Douglas. The sexpot image of course had been done before by Ann Sheridan, Lana Turner, and Marilyn Monroe. What Brigitte brought to the table was a sort of sexual “foreign” promiscuity we’d never seen before. Keep in mind it was the fifties- our women were all wearing shirtwaist dresses, and very coifed hair. Brigitte seemed cultured, free, and always looking for her next mate. Whether playing the stripper that won’t take off her mask (or wig) , the woman notching her bedpost with the men she slept with, or the female don Juan, she seemed to adopt a “always say yes” mentality.

In honor of her birthday today say Yes, instead of No, and see where it takes you.

Happy Birthday Brigitte

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