Garbo Smiles


September 18, 1905 ~ April 15, 1990

Greta Garbo. What can we say? Both annstj and I just aren’t sure we understand the appeal. I apologize outright for any sacrilege that we may be committing at this moment- especially on her birthday! Greta came to Hollywood quickly filling the role of elusive foreigner with perfect skin, and a very fine collection of hats (as she used to model them). My first introduction to her, was through the musical Annie- in which they all go to see Camille. Camille, while dramatic, and including the only real reason I chose to actually watch the film- Robert Taylor-failed to improve my opinion of Garbo. Ninotchka had a great storyline, and Melvyn Douglas, which made Garbo a little easier to take. It wasn’t until Garbo disappeared for two years, and finally came back to Hollywood to star in Queen Christina that I actually appreciated her as actress, mainly because it felt like she actually got to play a person closer to her real self- strange I know. In Queen Christina she succeeds at not only playing the Queen, but also a male soldier. She did have male tendencies, and always felt very tomboyish to me. It wasn’t until I learned that she actually was bi-sexual, and often kept a female companion that I understood her affinity for all those suits she used to wear.

Happy Birthday Greta.



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