Marilyn’s Last Phone Call


September 7, 1923 ~ December 24, 1984

Good News, It Happened in Brooklyn, Easter Parade

Peter Lawford had many claims to fame. He was the first guy Elizabeth Taylor’s mother honed in on, when he strolled across the studio. Nothing could be better than a real English gentleman, with notable parents for a very young Liz Taylor. And while Liz did fall in love with him, his eyes strayed a bit, in the direction of Rita Hayworth. He also seemed to be interested in the very married June Allyson, and we got to see some sexual tension in Two Sisters from Boston and Little Women( with Liz too- talk about awkward). He went with Lana, and Ava- who were rivals more times than not. But then his Hollywood ambitions soon collided with other ambitions as he married into politics, just in time to form a friendship with our dear Marilyn Monroe. Any one of the biographies on Marilyn will reveal that Peter Lawford was the last phone call she made before her tragic death. Yes, it could have been because more often than not she was embroiled in scandals with the Kennedy’s, and as Lawford was part of the family, could help. It could have been because Hollywood seemed to treat all the beautiful people the same when they were done with them, and he knew what she was going through.  Of course devotees like to think that Peter, for all his failings in the women department was there for Marilyn when other people couldn’t be. And yes, you can blame this assumption on my steady diet of Classic Hollywood Rom Com’s!

Happy Birthday Peter!

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