Movie Mogul Darryl Zanuck


September 5, 1902 ~ December 22, 1979

If Darryl F. Zanuck knew about anything- it was how to pick good actors. But producing a wide array of films, Zanuck often left his jovial and fun side at the studio lot gate. Movies were a business, and he treated them seriously. When Shirley Temple saved the studio from ruin, he applauded the young star, but when Tyrone Power sliced DZ into the very expensive carriage leather of his Zorro prop as a prank, Zanuck was less than amused. In fact Zanuck retaliated with making sure Tyrone’s swimming pool was quite freezing for the actor’s routine swim.  All in the fun of Classic Hollywood, and thankfully so, or we may not have ever had the chance to see Zanuck and Power work together again.

Thanks for being a good sport! Happy Birthday Darryl F. Zanuck!

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