Joan Blondell


August 30, 1906 ~ December 25, 1979  Joan Blondell  ~ Lawyer Man, Three on a Match, Footlight Parade, Night Nurse
In the Gable-Garson film, Adventure, Joan Blondell gets the never- envied third billing, but the ever envied proposal from Clark. Yep, he liked the blondes. Apparently confessing to Joan that she reminded him of late wife Carole Lombard, and could be the only person to really ever replace her in his life, they spent much time canoodling off-screen. But, as the story goes, she opted for friendship( which lasted all their lives) instead of marriage. I imagine few women would actually admit to turning down Clark Gable, but kudos to Joan for confessing such an improbability. And while annstj tries to wrap her head around why anyone in their right mind would ever turn down Clark, I’ll take this moment to revel in why we love Joan. She’s fun, flirty, and blonde, but not dumb. Quite often the girl in the know she’s the one helping James Cagney in Footlight Parade, William Powell in Lawyer Man, Barbara Stanwyck in Night Nurse, and Ann Dvorak in Three on a Match. And that’s not all. She had style, and comedic timing. Clark was right! Joan was a lot like Carole Lombard. You loved to love her. You wanted her as your best friend, and knew that if you needed help burying a body, she’d show up with the shovel and bag, without judgment. Congrats on being Awesome. Happy Birthday!

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