Marjorie Reynolds


August 12, 1917 ~ February 1, 1997  Marjorie Reynolds
Holiday Inn is by far my favorite Marjorie Reynolds film. Of course, it could be because Holiday Inn itself seemed a little slighted for not being White Christmas- which seemed to get all the press- and I always go for the underdog.
Holiday Inn on the other hand has the better storyline, better songs,( the introduction of White Christmas), and Fred Astaire! How could that be bad? The brilliancy of the movie is only enhanced by Marjorie Reynolds innocent portrayal of the shop girl trying to catch a break. If anyone could love Bing Crosby it would be her. If anyone could mesmerize Fred Astaire, it would be her. It all felt so believable, as if it all might happened in real life, just that way.
Happy Birthday Marjorie!


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