Hearthrob Robert Taylor

August 5, 1911 ~ June 8, 1969

Magnificent Obsession, Camille, The Gorgeous Hussy, Personal Property
After seeing his heartbreaking performance as the lovesick fool in Camille, I couldn’t help trying to get my hands on all the Robert Taylor I could find. Apart from his dashing good looks, and Valentino-like skin, Robert succeeded in playing the Apollo next door on more occasions than one. With Greta Garbo he was the guy that had watched her from afar for almost 2 years…as if he didn’t have a chance? That humble nature is endearing up to a point, but after a while, it’s just stupid. Luckily, he regains his awareness that’s he’s quite the catch in Personal Property, opposite the very feisty Jean Harlow. Robert plays no less charming, but sometimes ridiculous as he begins to chase our Blonde Bombshell. Commissioned with setting up camp at Jean Harlow’s house until she pays a trivial fine, our leading man hits a home run on his first try! And boy does he look adorable in pajamas!

“Anything else? You haven’t done anything yet!” Personal Property

Enjoy! Happy Birthday Robert Taylor.

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