Leading Men: William Powell



July 29, 1892 ~ March 5, 1984 ~

Choosing three favorite movies from William Powell’s extensive filmography list is near to impossible because as far as we are concerned all of William Powell’s movies are our favorites.

So I’ll list three films that are not shown in the media as much as the more popular ones but still deserve a look see.  The Ex- Mrs. Bradford, mostly because Cousin Al St. John is in it, Al and William were born in 1892 a little over one month apart. Al has a bit part but it is a credited part.

I Love You Again, I had the chance to watch it a few months ago, I had never heard of it before and was pleasantly surprised. It was cute and the leading lady was Myrna Loy. Last but not least, The Baroness and the Butler, also cute and features Tyrone Power’s first wife Annabella, the political aspects raised in this movie are also aspects that are debated in today’s political world.

Happy Birthday William!

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