Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations


I was never a fan of Ava Gardner’s.  After reading The Secret Conversations, I am rethinking that statement. The book is a fast read. The printer did not accidentally leave out any pages (re: Unsinkable).
Peter Evans writing kept the story moving. There are those that will read the book for the salacious parts. But even with the salacious parts I came away with the impression that Ava was loyal to her friends, (going out in the middle of the night to check on worried friend Debbie Reynolds daughter Carrie Fisher re: Unsinkable) and even to her ex’s. How was she supposed to know that the author she chose to write her biography was being sued by her ex-Frank Sinatra?
I loved the slang and ‘swears like a sailor’ salty language Ava used to describe events in her past.
Her concern of not wanting her story to sound like Old Mother Machree was legitimate but her stories especially about her parents only made her seem more human with faults and feelings like the rest of us.
After reading the book I watched: Whistle Stop~1946 United Artists, The Killers ~ 1946 Universal, The Killers ~ 1964 Universal, and The Barefoot Contessa ~ 1954 United Artists
Has anyone else read the book yet, any thoughts?

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  1. Donna says:

    Yes, I have read the book and many others on Ava…I serve on the Ava Gardner Museum board and thought your readers may be interested in the upcoming Ava Gardner Festival, October 4-6, in Smithfield, NC. The festival will feature one of Ava’s best works, “The Night of the Iguana”. Find out more on our website, http://www.avagardner.org

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