Nelson Eddy


June 29, 1901 ~ March 6, 1967                    Nelson Eddy

Gruff on screen, and apparently even more so in the bedroom, Nelson Eddy could boast a temper, as well as unbridled passion when it came to things he wanted. Namely- things like Jeanette Macdonald. Quite sure she belonged to him, he spent a good deal of time trying to prove it to Jeanette.  While his on screen life couldn’t hold a candle to his real one, we’ll attempt to keep our minds out of the gutter as we honor his Classic Hollywood roles.  We find him the soldier in Maytime, falling for songbird, and runaway princess, Jeanette. Playing overbearing to her stubborn as heck attitude is a trait we found in most EddyMac films. If they weren’t so madly in love we’d probably get sick of it, but we don’t. It isn’t in fact that we see Jeanette without Nelson, and opposite a holier-than-thou Clark Gable in San Francisco that we understand how much we require genuine chemistry in our love stories. We salute you Nelson Eddy, for all that crazy love and passion you brought to the screen. Happy Birthday.

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  1. Patrice Messina says:

    Thank you, Rochelle, for remembering wonderful baritone Nelson Eddy and his love for Jeanette MacDonald. However you didn’t “find” him in “Maytime” as a soldier. That would probably be as mercenary soldier Captain Dick Warrington in “Naughty Marietta” to Jeanette MacDonald’s runaway Princess.

    1. rochellelynn says:

      Thanks Patrice for catching that!!! and yes— you’re probably right! I read about how there was so much tension between them in Naughty Marietta, that I was proabbly thinking of nothing else. And who could forget Captain Dick Warrington???? Sorry about the mixup- though i’m sure Maytime was brilliant as well- even if i got it wrong. Thanks for reading!

      1. Anne says:

        Love what you wrote about Nelson Eddy. Many people mock Nelson as being “stiff” in his movies but look beyond the surface and you can see the genuine connection between Jeanette and Nelson whose 8 films are now classics. Thank you.

      2. rochellelynn says:

        Thanks Anne, and we are loving loving loving your email address! Thanks for reading.

      3. Anne says:

        I was wildly in love with Alan Rickman at the time having been to see “Pride and Prejudice” a million times. Nowadays, just one look at Nelson Eddy and that was that!

  2. jean spena says:

    i can’t believe that all the contributions made by jeanette mac donald and nelson eddy have been either totally forgotten or shelved by hollywood. both were so vital to introducing the general public to beautiful, and varied music. happy to have found this website and hope to see more interest in America’s Singing Sweethearts.

    1. jean spena says:

      why does my comment need to wait for moderation????

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