Judy Garland

June 10, 1922  ~ June 22, 1969                   Judy Garland

Part of MGM’s Star lineup, Judy Garland’s fate was sealed the moment she stepped onto the lot. Starring in Harvey Girls with that voice, and milking the girl-next-door role dry in the Andy Hardy films, Judy was hardly ever able to get away. By 1939 with the fame of The Wizard of Oz, and Over the Rainbow, Judy would never get her chance at a normal life . Of course, she kept trying. Inimitable spirit kept her going for many a good years. While still a little healthy she was able to have Liza, with husband, Vincente Minnelli, and reveled in joy for as long as it would last. When Hollywood ran out, she took to the stage, and kept on with rigorous schedules, almost afraid of what sitting alone in quiet would surely do to her. Much like the crushed flower we so often see in Marilyn Monroe, Judy too needed the fame, the love, the everything. Here’s to loving unconditionally- Happy Birthday Judy.


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