Leading Ladies: Rosalind Russell

June 4, 1907  ~ November 28, 1976     Rosalind Russell

Rosalind Russell is known for many roles. For her slapstick humor. For her witty banter. We like her in Howard Hawks 1940 remake of The Front Page,  His Girl Friday, playing the able-to-run-with-the-men reporter Hildy Johnson.  We like her in My Sister Eileen as the passed over sister of the girl that everyone likes. We like her as Rose in Gypsy in 1961.  But I think maybe we like her best in Auntie Mame. No one could have done this classic better. Strewn across a few decades, Rosalind Russell, morphs beautifully through the film, with a personality so loud, it doesn’t even need a face.  Spot on hilarity, as Mame goes from riches, to rags, to riches again,  makes us all wish we had this humor, and verve for life. Thanks Rosalind for showing us how it’s done.

We also loved her in The Women and She Wouldn’t Say Yes.

What are your faves?

Happy Birthday Rosalind!!!



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