Leading Men: Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis

June 3, 1925 ~ September  29, 2010

Probably best known, depending on who you are, for his bare-chested slave/tutor role in Spartacus, OR his dead-on Cary Grant impersonation in Some Like it Hot, Tony Curtis made a living being “willing”.  Willing to seduce possible “virgin” Natalie Wood in Sex and the Single Girl for the sake of a story, willing  to star with his new wife, Janet Leigh in Houdini, risking their marriage, and willing to be seduced by Laurence Olivier in Spartacus, in the Turkish Baths.

And yes, that scene was cut.

Lucky for us, director Stanley Kubrick in 1989 took the opportunity to restore the scene with Olivier, Curtis and the unsuspecting Turkish Baths. While all the footage was found to allow restoration, the soundtrack was horribly decayed. But nothing would stop Kubrick in his attempt to restore the epic film fully. Once again Tony Curtis was willing to do a voice over for the scene. And with Olivier dead and gone by 1989, Kubrick had no choice but to call in Anthony Hopkins to do Olivier’s voiceover. See if you can hear the difference on the Directors Cut! And thanks Tony for always making sure we get what we want. Happy Birthday!

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