Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe!


June 1, 1926 ~ August 5, 1962                      Marilyn Monroe               How to Marry a Millionaire

The Blonde Bombshell role has been  a staple in Hollywood for what feels like the beginning of time. In the now we get Halle Berry and Scarlett Johannson, in the 1940’s we had Betty Grable- pin-up girl of WWII, in the 1950’s, our very own Marilyn Monroe. A star before her 1955 stint in the Seven Year Itch, Marilyn truly came into her own as the girl who put her bra and panties in the freezer to help cool down in the hot summer heat of New York. So inventive. So fun.

With Marilyn books, and new dvd sets out almost every year now, we’ve only just begun to uncover the girl behind the brand. As Hollywood attempted to finagle themselves out of old studio contractual system in the 50’s, many stars were still operating under the “don’t go outside without your face on” mantra. Marilyn kept a very firm line between who we saw, and who she was. With every reveal, we see more and more of the real person behind the mask. So with all the love and curiosity, and sympathy, and unconditional love for the amazing Norma Jeane, we wish her a Very Happy Birthday! XOXO


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