Leading Men: Jimmy Stewart


May 20, 1908 ~ July 2, 1997 Jimmy Stewart
Happy Birthday James Stewart! Jimmy brought an element of range to his acting career that we rarely see in actors. In his early career he was cast often as the tall, if not awkward, dashing young man trying to get the girl. The Philadephia Story is a favorite for most, as is It’s a Wonderful Life. Two films which solidify his stardom for eras to come. And then we have the Frank Capra years, bringing films with meaning, much like Sturges, to the big screen. Stewart was nominated for his portrayal of American decency in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), which began his turn into more meaty films. James dabbled in witchcraft with Kim Novak in Bell, Book and Candle, and with a bunny in Harvey, but excelled in Westerns in the early 50’s, often playing the emotional, violent cowboy against the hard, unfeeling landscape of the west. Jimmy’s acting range also brought him into Hitchcock films of note; Vertigo, The Man who knew Too Much, and Rear Window are masterpieces of script and filmography. Stewart even went on to do the voice for a lazy eyes cartoon dog in Fieval Goes West. What do you best know Jimmy for?

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