Mo Willems Silent Movie

With films like The Artist and Hugo making us aware once again that there was a time when films didn’t have sound, I’d like to also thank Mo Willems for his tribute to Silent Films, and all that anxiety, in his new picture book, That is not a Good Idea.

Following a conversation between a plump goose, and a rather big and scary wolf, we’re stopped between the page turns, by stark black pages, and one sentence lines. Nothing like introducing 3 year olds to drama, tension, and the world of silent film!  It’s a must have for movie buffs, and grandparents trying to explain why Silent Films were so cool.

With Hollywood digging way back into the vault as of late, for new material, we’ll be seeing  the new Mary Pickford film soon,  a possible Clara Bow epic, and  a new book called Still: American Silent Motion Picture Photography. Grab a chance to win a free copy of Still in TCM’s Book Corner in June, and don’t forget to introduce the youngsters in your life to silent film with Mo Willems’ That is not a Good Idea.

Where else are you seeing Silent Movie Mania?


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